Felipe Beltrame, 26, is a freelance photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, focused on telling stories about humanity, culture and environment. Collaborating with NGOs, traditional press or in his own social media, photographs present important moments of contemporary events of Brazil. 


During his first experience as photographing hard news he passed ten consecutive days sheltered in an abandoned house provided by a resident of the community affected by the mud, to communicate the terror of the worst social and environmental tragedy in Brazilian history: the dam collapse of the mining company Vale S.A. in Brumadinho, January 25, 2019.

Also in an independent way comes the series "Newly Arrived" that tells about the harsh situation of Venezuelan immigrants crossing the border to the north of Brazil in search of better conditions to live.

Considering urgent that indigenous demands are seen and contemplated in 2019 he photographed the Free land Camp (ATL, Acampamento Terra Livre) event, the biggest indigenous meeting of the world and the 12th Ordinary Assembly of the Brazilian Amazon Indigenous Coordination Organization (COIAB) for Mídia Ninja.

Due to his productions, he become a member of the Environmental Commission of Brazilian Bar Association of Santos, gave a lecture at university and participated in collective and individual exhibitions such as SP-Arte 2018. Felipe Beltrame understands that photography is essential to tell stories and to illuminate different social issues, but reiterates that the main role of each achievement should be for those who allowed themselves to be photographed while fighting their struggles.

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